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So there is this theme to my existence that you will soon figure out and understand. It is a theme of being bent but never broken, the growth, the resilience, the power. I admire anyone who is able to push through even the worst experiences. I believe that at our core (our roots) we all have it in us to do so. We have to make the decision to push through because Life doesn’t stop throwing curve balls, doesn’t stop hurting, doesn’t stop the roller-coaster ride that we are all on.

There was a time in my life when I didn't understand what it meant to be grounded or rooted in my power to push through. The difference between who I was and who I’m becoming is that I deal with life differently. I move differently. I walk by faith not by sight. I get discouraged, I still hurt sometimes, I still feel disappointment….I just don’t stay there. I can’t stay there because I know my joy is on the other side of this. I recognize there is purpose in my pain so I find the purpose which then leads me to dealing with the pain with an emotional maturity that is continuously evolving. I used to blame, I would sit and wallow and now I find a solution, I seek an opportunity and I focus on how to get out of my mess (which in most cases is a mess I created).

If I deal with heartbreak or disappointment I don’t spend hours trying to figure out what is wrong with me, instead I spend that time asking God to order my steps, to heal my brokenness, rebuild me and provide me with the strength to move me forward and then I just DO. Is it easy? Absolutely not. Is it necessary? Indeed. Many of us spend so much time beating ourselves up, feeling guilty, moving like we have weight on our shoulders, acting like we can’t make it, whining about our situations, crying over spilled and most of the time spoiled milk--- that you aren’t living. You are existing.

See, now I am rooted in my power so even with the weight of the world on my shoulders I’m using the weight to determine my purpose. Every time something happens in my life whether it is within my control or not, I take that experience and share it. I share it so that I can heal from it, so that I won’t repeat it and so that hopefully I can offer you the support to not do it(whatever "it" is) either friends.

What if I told you that 1/2 of the mess we experience in our lives can be avoided if we listen and the other ½ that happens can’t be because it is building you. It is YOUR pain for YOUR purpose but if you spend most of the time not accepting it, ignoring it or refusing to be accountable for it, you are not getting it, so you are repeating it. Over and over again you are living the same life, experiencing the same hurt, never learning, never growing.

Let's chat about what it means to be rooted. To stand upright. To stand firm and not be washed away. You are rooted in something. There is something there that you can lean on when it gets tough. Did you know that how healthy your roots are determines how you manifest, how emotionally healthy you are. How you grow. Your roots are your anchor. What do you stand for?

If you think that your lot in life is pain and discouragement, we need each other.

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