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In the Midst of the Storm: PURPOSE

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

I was recently asked to share the virtual stage with a friend and discuss my own thoughts around purpose. That word, that we've all heard so often, means something different to everyone, as it should. Finding, realizing, manifesting your purpose is a process, it is a journey and it isn't an easy feat. I spoke about my own journey that I'm on and how finding my purpose really took place during one of my lowest moments. In 1993, crying, in a cold dark basement, after experiencing sexual trauma that would impact me for the rest of my life---that is where my purpose was first discovered, though I didn't know that at that time.

I took an extremely traumatic experience in my life and made it my purpose to change and heal myself while changing and healing the world around me.

Whenever I'm asked how do I find my purpose? Why am I here? What am I doing? I always answer with, "I have no clue, you tell me." Which I'm certain isn't the answer people expect. I also follow that answer with the question. "Tell me what has broken you or tell me what keeps you up at night. What bothers you? Let's start there."

See, it is my belief that your passion is much different than your desires. Your wishes. You wish or desire to be rich, to own a business, to be famous, to go to the NFL, to be a CEO. Those are all great, but once you reach whatever goal you've set to accomplish, there will always be another one. And while that isn't a bad thing, at some point, that innate need to figure out your real passions and true purpose starts to creep back into your subconscious and everything you thought you ever wanted and finally received starts to feel like maybe it isn't quite what you wanted at all. I've been there it is surreal. It's like meeting goals and reaching certain heights feels great, but it can also feel very, very empty. (without PURPOSE)

What if I told you that finding your purpose starts with figuring out how you want to contribute to the world around you. What if everything you are doing, everything you've been through or will go through are all vehicles towards your purpose if you only pay attention.

What if I told you that finding your purpose is about making an impact far bigger than you? And figuring out what that is may not be nearly as complicated as you think.

Sexual trauma, human trafficking, domestic violence---those issues keep me up at night. Not only because of my personal experience but because they simply matter to me. So those issues have become my purpose and created a never-ending drive within me to use my voice and create awareness. My purpose is clear and it is much bigger than me.

What's yours? There are so many to choose from. What is your contribution? What are your gifts? Pick a problem that riles you up and use those gifts to make a difference. There is plenty of mess to choose from. Pick one or two.

Get busy solving it.

Change your perspective about why you are here and you will change your entire life.

Until Next time.

Keep growing through it.

OH....check out the conversation we had around PURPOSE. Let me know what you think.

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