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I Want "IT" for You

I want peace for you. But I realize it means different things to different people. I recognize the complexities of the word and I also know that when someone says, I want peace, that word often leaves a question mark. What is "it?" What does it mean to have peace?

I've heard people talk about the peace that comes from a song with the right melody and the right lyrics. Peace when the night is quiet and still. Peace when the baby isn't crying. Peace when a toxic relationship is over. Peace when no gunshots are heard. Peace when the bills are paid and the lights are on. Peace to jog freely. To engage without fear. To not die while Black. Peace.

Together, we could probably figure out what peace means to you. Only you know what that is, even if it takes some soul searching to figure it out. So even if I can't tell you right now what "it" is, I can tell you what "it" isn't.

Don't mistake peace for lax. Lax is complacency, not peace. Peace should give you freedom, something you constantly reach for, an ongoing journey towards something that moves you and speaks to your heart.

Mistaking being comfortable for peace can leave you restricted. Afraid of rocking your boat. Of reaching for something more in your life. Refusing to stand for what is right. Of believing that you are capable of more. Staying angry. Being bitter. None of that equals peace.

Or how about this? Staying in a relationship that doesn't fill you, a job that doesn't move you, a friendship that doesn't uplift you, spaces

that no longer grow you, that isn't peace......

You are operating out of fear. I don't want that for you.

Again, I recognize peace means different things to different people but I want "it" for you. I want you to think about the areas of your life where you may have mistaken comfort for peace and the areas where you know peace is on the other side of action.

I understand that with all the confusion, social unrest, tension, and on top of that a pandemic going on in the world today, for most of us, we hardly think we can know peace right now. But I really, really want it for you and you can have it even with all of this going on. But you may have to fight for it. Push past your fear for it. Get up and move for it. Take a risk for it. Stand up for it. Make some people upset for it. Breath for it. Relax for it. Believe that things will be alright, for it.

I want stability for you. Peace

Forgiveness for you. Peace

Equal rights for you. Peace

Love for you. Peace

and I want you to BELIEVE that you deserve all of this and more.

So just for today, can you think about what peace looks like for you? Take some time to really dig deep. and then FIGHT for "it" with all you have. It's yours and once you get it, PROTECT it.

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