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Anchor (Root)

It is a new DECADE and many of us are trying to figure out how we want this new decade to look. Resolutions, promises, I will statements, journals, planners...many are on a mission to reinvent themselves, organize their lives and get focused. I am no different from the masses. As I thought about this year versus last year, I didn't think about what I accomplished necessarily, though it was an amazing year. What I have chosen to put most of my energy into reflecting upon is who I'm becoming, who I'm evolving into and the lessons I've learned. Who I am at the root of my being and the work that is still being done there.

ROOT: I was hurt this past year, so I've had to redefine my levels of trust and how that shows up in relationships. This doesn't mean I can't love, in fact I am loving again. I just have chosen to be intentional and smarter about who is deserving of my love.

ROOT: I opened up in ways I never thought possible, sharing pieces of my story that I never thought I would want to share and deciding how I want that story to be told. It is my choice what I tell. Also my choice what I don't tell. I am the writer of my story.

ROOT: I understand and finally decided to take accountability for the many areas of my life that deserved my attention, yet didn't receive it. Now I have to right my wrongs. While this can be painful and frustrating, growth in all areas of my world are necessary. So that I can be authentic on this journey, I had to get real with myself.

As you do all of the goal setting and check all the boxes on your task list with the pretty stickers and creative quotes, I hope you remember your roots. I hope you remember your anchor. Those core pieces of you that no amount of success will erase, that no amount of accolades can change. Those pieces of you that you have left untouched that need to be uncovered. It is important. A shiny outside can not repair a damaged inside. Stay rooted and connected to the person you are becoming and who you are growing into. Don't lose sight of all of the tree, not just the surface that everyone can see. The roots require support, they are the reason for your growth.

Do me a favor? Go into this New Year with goals and dreams and vision boards..and ADD connectedness, mental health, nourishment of your roots to the list. Get anchored.

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Jan 07, 2020

I. Love. This.

I’m so guilty of dwelling on what I go through and asking questions but I’ve learned that I will continue to create a pity party for myself until I allow myself to take ownership of what has shaped and allowed me to grow by what I went and will go through. I’m so excited for 2020, for you, the family and everyone around to be able to look deeper into ourselves to dust off and allow those deep down things to give us purpose and stand on that instead of tuck it away and dwell on it. Love you!😘


J Frizzle
J Frizzle
Jan 07, 2020

As I continue to read what it is You talking about bae I’m loving it I’m really enjoying it and everything you saying is on point on gawd

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